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About R&D
In 2013, Our R&D center was established and in the same year it was rated...

as the "R&D Center of Chongqing Municipality". This center consists of "Innovative Veterinary Medicine Research Institute", "Rapid Disease Diagnosis Center" and "Quality Control Center"


Core Technologies
We have achieved sustainable development by following core technologies:

Sustained releasing and controllled releasing
* Targeting technology;

* Mass prescription technology
* Pharrmacology strengthening technology
* Drug tolerance study and application
Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine
* High flow filtration technology
* Herb ingredients stable technology
* Multi ingredients integrating extraction
* High speed blending technology
Chemical Synthesis
* Synthesis of new type of Erythromycin
* Technology improvements of Quinolones
* Vaccine and Enzymes formulation


R&D People
A group of energetic, diligent and pragmatic young people with Master's degree, Doctor's degree led by professors of company forms the core team of scientific

research focusing on the development of new veterinary medicines. Also backed by experts and professors from Southwest University and based on the rapid diagnosis center for animal diseases, We strive for development by innovation and  have established a marketing and after-sales team with solid professional knowledge, high overall quality, diligence, wisdom and vitality. And since 2007 we started to export products with our own intellectual property.

1.14 full-time R&D personnels;

2.18 assistant technicians;

3.4 full-time R&D senior professional title personnels;

4.10 medium-grade professional title and postgraduates personnel.



Lab, researcher, research.

R&D Instruments

Our R&D center has a modern standard laboratory with covering more than 1,000 square meters, equipped with advanced experimental instruments.


R&D Cooperation
Same as sea embraces rivers, we have always been open-minded to welcome foreign cooperation, and maintained high-frequency exchanges with talents and technicians of well-known domestic research institutes

such as Southwest University, South China Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine University, and Chongqing Animal Husbandry College, etc.


R&D Achievements
Standing at the height of ensuring the safety of animal source food, we apply molecular biology to devote ourselves to find new medicines. Professor Tang jianhua, the general manager, as chieft scientist of our company,

has successfully developed a series of high-tech veterinary medicines, and fillled the gaps in China. Golden Root Injections®, Lungclean Granule®, approved by Minsitry of Agriculture of China as new national medicine, provide more and better alternatives for the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases. These green, low toxicity, high-tech products not only considered animal welfare, but also got exact clinical effects, and has been widely recognized and praised.

1.We have developed 168 new products;
2.We have developed 8 new veterinary drugs;
3.Nearly 100 patent applications;
4.7 invention patents;
5.28 local standard products have been rated to national standards.

All this made us won municipal-level scientific and technological progress awards, quality awards, foreign trade import and export awards, etc., And we had been rated as national“High-tech Enterprises”, "Veterinary Drug Preparation Engineering Technology Research Center", Chongqing Municipal "Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", etc.



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