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Company Profile
Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is one of the top 3 veterinary exporting bases in China while its Large Volume injection line is the largest one in China and is the first one passing Chinese GMP for Large volume injection.

We used to be the affiliated pharmaceutical factory of Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College in 1990, and now we are owned by 3 professors of the same college as a private corporation


Applying molecular biology, we deeply involve ourselves in research and development of new veterinary medicines and animal health care products. Six new veterinary medicines developed by us have got approved and registered in China in past 30 years and made great contributions to the safety of animal source food, the welfare of animals and to the society as well.


Our History
In 1991, Pharmaceutical factory of Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College, the predecessor of Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was formed.

In 1999, Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established by 3 professors who took the full share from Pharmaceutical Factory of Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College.

In 2005, the company invested a factory to pharmaceutical raw material of Sulfamonomethine.

In 2006, the company invested a factory to produce vaccine of sheep hydatidosis.

In 2007, we had been selected as only veterinary medicine supplier for foreign aid projects by Ministry of Agriculture of China.  In the same year, we had started exporting products with independent intellectual property and servicesOur actions have benefited to more than 20 countries up to now.

Afraid lamb in workers hands waiting for vaccination

Fangtong located at Rongchang district of Chongqing city, Rongchang is Chinese science and technology city for animal husbandry.

it is demonstration area for Chinese national modern agriculture and core demonstration area for Chinese National modern animal husbandry. As an important animal husbandry base in China and the largest feed and veterinary medicines distribution center in Western China, Rongchang is one of the areas with the most intensive animal science and technology resource,  Rongchang campus (veterinary college) of Southwest University, Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry and other research institutions are located here, Chinese Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Forum is held here every 2 year, National New Animal Husbandry Exhibition is held here every 1 year, Rongchang is a broad platform for technology exchange, achievements transformation and industrial cooperation. Benefit from geographical advantage, we can timely introduce the most cutting-edge technical concepts and production technology in the industry, and inject continuous power into our talent level and research and development strength.

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Product Characteristics
Our products are in complete dosage forms and high quality, applicable to wide range of animal species.


* Completed dosage forms: Ranging from injectables, β-Lactam injection,Hermone injection, powder for injections to injectable suspensions, tablet, oral solution, water soluble powder, disinfectants, acaracides, etc.

* Enhanced Product quality: Optimized active raw materials and ingredients; Well designed prescription and formula; Refined, long acting, fast absorbtion.

* Special traditional Chinese new medicines:  Supercritical ultrasonic extraction and refine. High bioavailability, long duration. Easy to use and applicable to wide range of animal species.


Quality Control
To ensure that every veterinarian, practitioner or individual farmer as can use high-quality Fangtong Branded medicines, from a simple single active ingredient product like soluble powders to complex compound injectables.

rom a simple single active ingredient product like soluble powders to complex compound injectables. we have established the most stringent standard system for the process of all of our medicines.

This system covers not only the active substances and excipients used in pharmaceutical production, but also the packaging materials and packaging containers. All the general rules and monographs have been confirmed and verified by the laboratory.

We also have a strict system to control the impurities of API, excipients, and residue of solvents used in production, thereby ensuring that end users can always use FANGTONG Branded medicines not only of uniform and stable quality, but also having the smallest side effects compared with same products from other sources.




Our Service
In the world, about 60% of the sick animals can not get the right medicine treatment because of the unreasonable prescription and drug combination.

Misuse, lacking of information on dispensing, on application, lacking of communications between manufacturer and end user have a significant impact on animal morbidity and mortality.

No matter domestic and international market, our professional after sales team always are available at clinical front line to guarantee every veterinarian, practitioner and farmer acquired all necessary information of medication. We pursuit the best level of customer satisfaction through our well trained veterinary professionals. The goal of our pharmaceutical service is to solve the real problems of client home and aboard.


Under the leadership of the general manager and professor Tang Jiahua and by relying on our exquisite professional skills and enthusiasm of working attitude, we have established good and stable cooperation relations with Chinese domestics well-know enterprises

such as Muyuan Group, Wen’s Group, Tiankang Animal Husbandry and COFCO. etc.


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