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Chairman:Mr.Li Yangchun Professor Senior Veterinarian

Graduated from Veterinary College of Southwest University in 1981, majored in veterinary medicine.
After graduation he served as a teacher in the same college, in 1992, he got professor title in veterinary science. He has been engaged in teaching, research and development of veterinary new medicine since then.
He is the consultant of many veterinary drug manufacturers for their technology and marketing.

General Manager: Mr. Tang Jianhua Pathologist, Professor, Tutor of Postgraduate

Graduated from Veterinary College of Southwest University in 1985, majored in veterinary medicine.
He wrote monographs such as <<Animal Physiology>>, <<Animal Physiology Experiment>>, he is expert in talent bank of Ministry of Agriculture.
In 2018, He was listed as leading talents in technology and science in Chongqing.

Vice General Manager: Mr. Fu Jin Pharmacist, International Business Engineer

Graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, worked in Sichuan Drug Administration between 1990-1994, achieved pharmacist qualification in 1993 from Title Evaluating Committee and got another title of International Business Engineer in 2005 from Ministry of Commerce.
Now is head of company's International Service Department in charge of import and export.

Production Manager: Mr. Fu Guocai Postgraduates, Pharmacist, Engineer

Graduated from Veterinary College of Southwest University, majored in Pharmaceutical Engineering.
20 year's professional experience in production management of veterinary drug, help company established quality system and safety system.
He is familiar with relevant laws and regulations, make sure each production unit can follow production management rules and abide by master production instructions.

Qualified Person: Ms. He Yan Postgraduate, Pharmacist

Graduated from Southwest Agricultural University in 1999. She worked as QC manager in China Animal Husbandry pharm for 4 years before joining our factory.
17 year's professional experience in a pharmaceutical manufacturer and passing all relevant academic assessments.
Receive periodical training provided by SFDA and MOA. Receive training on how to release pharmaceutical products.

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