Product Complaint

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The company pays great attention to customer’s opinions. The work on visiting and complaints from customers are done well. The company has established a related institution, procedure and record to deal with complaints for quality and adverse effect. Countermand and recall of the unqualified products are done in time. Immediate action to analyze the reasons of quality problem is taken, and improvements suggestion and preventive measures will be given on due.

There are distribution records for every batch of finished products. According to distribution records we can trace each batch of veterinary drugs in order to recall all the products without delay when necessary. The distribution records include name and date of product, dosage form, batch number, specification, quantity, product receipt unit and address. Distribution records are kept until 2 year after expiry date. 

The written procedures for product return and product recall are established and recorded. The records will includes name of the product, batch number, specification, quantity, the unit and address of product return and recall of products, the reason and date of return and treatment solution. The products returned or recalled for quality factors should be destroyed under the supervision of quality management. Other batches involved should be treated the same way.

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