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Professor Chen Jixuan, Chief Expert of Fangtong, Gave Training Lecture on Disease Prevention and Control Technology of Cattle & Sheep in Suide City, Shaanxi Province

On July 12, 2020. Invited by Agriculture Committee of Suide County, Shaanxi Province,  Mr.Cheng, the Scientific Speical Commissioner,  Southwest University Professor, Chief Expert of Fangtong, carried out a professional training on cattle & sheep Disease Prevention and Control Technology in a local hotel.There were over 400 attendees, including county animal CDC charger, Fantong general distributor of Suide County, Principles of town husbandry stations and related technicians, farmers.etc.

The training content covers mainly the occurrence regularity of common cattle and sheep disease,the pathological characteristics of main diseased organs and the prevention and control of seasonal disease. All was instructed and explained detaily in PPT format by Professor Chen.He emphasized especially:

1. The prevention and control of cattle & sheep diseases should insist on the principle of “prevention”, and focusing on the treatment of “pre-disease”;

2. Severe infectious diseases should be scientifically prevented by using vaccines. At the same time, attention should be paid to the treatment of stress diseases caused by introduction of cattle and sheep (off-site transportation) or abrupt changes of temperature.

During the training,Chen also explained in detail on the prevention and treatment of stress diseases of cattle and sheep, as well as diseases of calf diarrhea, pneumonia and lamb dysentery, Sheep aphtha and summer heat stress.etc. The training was well received and praised highly by all trainees.

Liu Changlin, Regional general manager of Fangtong, also introduced Fangtong’s high effective medicines for cattle and sheep diseases, prevention and control of stress disease, fattening and growth promoting medicines.etc

Mr. Hongxiong, Bai, the general distributor of Suide County expressed sincere gratitude to Chen for the lecture. He said there are unexpected two points: one is Chen’s lecture was so down-to-earth, which has solved many practical breeding problems. The other one is more than 400 people came for the training and the effect is so good. He also said, through this training, most of local farmers have learned the breeding technology of cattle & sheep and prevent & cotnrol measures for the common diseases, also enhanced the farmer’s diagnosis ability of common diseases. It will be much helpful for future’s improvement on scientific breeding and economic benefits. Finally He expressed and hope Professor Chen will come again in the future to give such more training.