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New Arrival: Avermectin Pour-on Solution

Composition:  Avermectin B1

Character: This product is a colorless to slightly yellow & viscous transparency liquid.

Indication: Antibiotics. It is indicated for the treatment of nematodes, mites and parasitism worm in dog and cat.

Usage and Administration: Pouring or rubbing: 0.1ml/ kg B.W. for bovine or swine. 0.1~0.2ml/kg B.W. for dog or rabbit, rubbing the back inner side of two ears.

Precautions: (1) The lactation period is forbidden. (2) Avermectins is highly toxic ,be caution to use . It is highly toxic to shrimps, fish and aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate the water supply by the packaging of residual drugs.(3)This product is not very stable in nature and is particularly sensitive to light. It can be quickly oxidized and inactivated. attention should be paid to storage and use conditions.

Withdrawl periodBovine, Swine42 days.

Packing: 250ml/bottle×40 bottles/carton

[Advanced Technology, Safe & Convenient]


* Full transdermal technology: excellent permeability, quickly penetrate into the subcutaneous and the whole body and take effect quickly.

* Anti precipitation technology: Good stability and compatibility, no precipitation high-efficiency and good sustainability

* Elaborate manufacturing: Convenient, fast, safe, lasting effective.

[Targeting Below Parasites]

*Deworming Efficiency: 94-100%:

*External Parasite: Mite, lice, tick, mosquitoes and flies

*Internal Parasites: Roundworm, nematodes.

*Indication: Antibiotics. It can repel nematodes, insects and mites. It is used to treat nematodes, mites and parasitic insect diseases of livestock and poultry.

[Advantages of treatment by pouring-on]

 Transdermal absorption, avoiding injection pain, no stress, convenient administration and accurate dose. The drug is stored in the fat layer and has a long-lasting effect. Avoid degradation of oral drugs in gastrointestinal tract and liver damage.

0.1ml/1kg B.W. Administer by pouring from animal shoulder to the back midline

[Treatment in combination with Fangtong other Products]

1.Avermectin Pouring-on Solution + Albendazole tablets: it can deworm external and internal parasites, and the effect is very good.

2.Avermectin Pouring-on Solution + LIVERTONG NO. 1 Compound Levamisole Suspension: Simultaneous deworming for external and internal parasites.

3. Avermectin Pouring-on Solution + Potassium bisulfate compound salt disinfection powder: After external deworming, disinfect the environment to avoid the continuous growth of parasites and bacteria.


4.Avermectin Pouring-on Solution+ Mixed Feed additive+Compound premix feedAfter external deworming, Supplement some nutrition can increase immunity, accelerate fattening and gain more weight for livestock and poultry.

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