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Hand in Hand, Fantong taking part in the fight against nCoV.


Hand in Hand, Fantong Taking Part In The Fight Against nCoV.                                                                                                                                                                              By Correspondent of Foreign Service Department/ Feb 4, 2020  09:27

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus(nCoV) infection of pneumonia has been spreaded all over the country. At present, the epidemic prevention and control is being promoted in an all-round way,  but the epidemic is still in the stage of spread, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is complex and severe. The public prevention and control materials (masks, alcohol and disinfectants.etc) are in serious shortage. As a professional animal pharmaceutical enterprise, after the research and confirmation of relevant experts, the disinfectant produced by Fangtong can be used for the emergency disinfection of pneumonia caused by nCov. In this case, Fang Tong fulfills its social responsibility actively.  Workers were called on to be back to workshops from their Spring Festival holiday to rush to produce the urgently needed disinfectandt products and donated in time the whole mass batch of disinfectants to the society and the local government.

Human beings and animals are connected closely but restricted each other. This nCov epidemic is zoonosis.  It makes us further realize that only when animals are healthy can human beings be healthy. Scientific management of the source of infection of viruses and bacteria, cutting off the route of transmission, and keeping a high awareness of prevention at all times are the basis of ensuring human health.

As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, Fangtong has always performed: To provide high quality veterinary medicines and animal care products to protect the animal health; To guarantee the safety of animal source food so as to promote the health of human beings”



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Post time: Feb-04-2020
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