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Congratulations to the R & D team of innovative animal of Fangtong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. once again awarded the title of “Chongqing talents • innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team”


In order to implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on talent work and to observe the spirit of the important speech in Chongqing, and thoroughly implement the action plan of prospering the city through science and education and strengthening the talents market, according to the requirements and requirements of the municipal talent office’s notice on the recommendation of the 2020 “Chongqing talent plan” Declaration (Chongqing People’s Commission Office [2020]3), the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has passed two rounds of assessment. After the deliberation and approval of the 26th bureau Party committee in 2020, the innovative veterinary drug R & D team of Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Chongqing talents · innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team”, which was the honor of the team again after it was awarded the “Chongqing innovation and Entrepreneurship demonstration team” in 2017.



Chongqing Fangtong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has 5 doctors, 13 masters and 20 specialties, including 26 pharmaceutical and veterinary professionals. In 2018, the enterprise science and Technology Association was established, which is a solid, United and vigorous technology R & D team. Under the leadership of Professor Tang Jianhua, the general manager of the company, the R & D team has achieved fruitful results: 12 new drug certificates, nearly 100 patents applied, and many products were rated as “high-tech products” and “famous brand products” in Chongqing; the team was rated as Chongqing “veterinary drug preparation Engineering Technology Research Center” and “innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team” technology R & D center “, Professor Tang Jianhua himself was also named “300 leading scientific and technological talents” in Chongqing. The re selection of the “Chongqing elite innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration team” is a double affirmation of the company’s scientific research level and people’s quality; it is the company’s long-standing innovation concept of “Fangtong casting high-quality products, innovation and guiding brilliance”, ensuring the scientific research work is realistic and pragmatic, and the true portrayal of Fangtong R & D team’s bravery, pioneering and innovative, and aggressive, It also provides more powerful power and support for enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability. We will further increase R & D investment and personnel training, constantly improve R & D facilities, strengthen industry university research cooperation, improve our own innovation ability and success rate of achievement transformation, further improve product technology level, and make greater contribution to the cause of dynamic protection.



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Post time: Oct-20-2020
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