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【Diagnosis and treatment case] A highly effective treatment scheme for a case of eperythrozoonosis suis

Eperythrozoonosis is caused by Eperythrozoon suis, characterized by anemia, jaundice and fever. The body temperature of the sick pigs suddenly increased to 40.5 ℃ – 42 ℃. The skin turned red and faded under finger pressure. Therefore, it is known as “erythroderma”. It is characterized by low energy, loss of appetite, fear of cold accumulation, cough, runny nose, dyspnea and yellowish urine. In the middle stage of the disease, when the sick pigs walk, their hindquarters shake, they like to lie down and stand up, they are constipated or thin, they are depressed, and they have difficulty breathing; their blood is thin and pale, and they often bleed with the injection needle hole; their fur is dry, their back and abdomen are rusty, and their skin is pale. Dark red bleeding spots appear on the skin inside the ear, back, neck and abdomen, and the visible mucous membrane is slightly swollen, and the initial flush is red, and the later flush is red Pale, mild jaundice; urine light yellow, light red or reddish brown, lying on the ground can not afford. In the later stage, the ears of the sick pigs turned blue and necrotic, and they excreted bloody stools and hemoglobinuria.


Prevention and control measures

1. Strengthen the management, do a good job in environmental hygiene, disinfect regularly: reduce the stimulation of stress factors (muggy, crowded, etc.); strictly do a good job in the disinfection of syringes, needles, scissors, tail forceps, ear number forceps and castration knife, to prevent the mechanical transmission of instruments.

2. Eliminate internal and external parasites: Cypermethrin, trichlorfon, dichlorvos, etc. can be used to kill adult mosquitoes. At night, spray on the wall, ceiling, shed, etc. where mosquitoes are easy to attach. Mite and lice can be killed by spraying mite net, Phoxim and trichlorfon on pigs, and by intramuscular injection or oral administration of ivermectin (IVERTONG) or avermectin.

3. Drug control: the pigs without food were injected with Diminazene (DIMITONG) + oxytetracycline injection (OXYTONG) once a day for 3 days. The whole group was fed with doxycycline hydrochloride soluble powder (special treatment for eperythrozoonosis) 1000 g / t mixture, and the blood tonic mixture was fed for 10-14 days. After treatment, the effect was obvious and there was no recurrence.

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Post time: Jan-08-2021
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