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Fangtong Foreign Trade Department Successfully Held Work Summary Meeting

On August 29. 2020, Fantong foreign trade department held 2020 half-year work summary meeting. As members of foreign trade department were in different cities during the meeting, the meeting was held online through live video, and also the the whole meeting process was recorded. This is our first try in this way for a meeting, but successful.
In order to make an effective and serious summary for the 2019 half-year work,everyone,including Mr. Fu Jin, General Manager of Foreign Trade Department, prepared and played respective work summary video.

At the meeting, we exchanged each other’s opinions and talked about the achievements in work, especially the problems and suggestion during the sales, production, logistics, and design.etc.  We are proud that we Fangtong foreign trade department had achieved a remarkable sale amount for the first half year of 2020, that is, we achieved in advance the sale target set at end of 2019. Finally, General Manager Mr. Fu made an objective and serious evaluation for everybody’s work. He also analyzed the objective reason and subjective reason for our great achievement. And ask us to always keep”action” for our work, for our customers, to solve all the actual problems from all our customers.

A new summary, a new goal. Fangtong foreign trade department will keep on providing best products and service to all our customers.


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Post time: Sep-01-2020
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